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informative helpful needed

....with thanks for info on our government -- issues and people-- that just plain comes down to data and details!

Great app

Great app it is about time.

Political Junkies...

rejoice. This is an excellent tool for this political junkie. I often want to see who's on committees, various voting records, super pac donors and other info. Like the look of this. Well done! Too bad it doesn't have the power to remove members of Congress.

Great resource

OurGov is a great one-stop resource for getting behind what's going on on Capitol Hill. Tons of information that easily available in an intuitive format.


User friendly, the only app you will need that gives nonpartisan up to date information, direct email to government representatives, donations, committees, and how they voted.

A fantastic way to become/stay informed!

I really want to keep up to date on politics, but I tend to get overwhelmed by figuring out the best way to learn about my representatives, track their voting habits (and campaign contributions!), and keep tabs on who is sounding off in the media about the issues I really care about. OurGov is a one-stop shop for all of these things! I highly recommend this app for folks like me, who don't know where to begin, but also for those who live and breathe politics and want up to date info on all things congress. Definitely worth checking out!

A fresh look at a familiar subject

Very ambitious and nicely designed app that let's you explore Congress through many different angles. Good start - I hope the developers continue to refine it.

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